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  1. BRP CPVC Coupler

    BRP Shoppe is known as one of the best CPVC Coupler Fittings suppliers in Hyderabad, India. CPVC coupler is made of CPVC and is ideally suited for hot and cold water pressure distribution systems in residential and commercial applications. As we know that Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride has proven to be an excellent material for hot corrosive liquids, hot and cold water distribution, and similar applications above the temperature range of PVC. So, CPVC coupler fittings are easy to install and are joined by solvent threading. We are giving our cpvc coupler fittings products to clients at effective prices in the Indian market.

    • Used for hot and cold water applications

    • Don’t use this product with compressed air or other gases

    Starting at: ₹712.00

  2. BRP CPVC Reducer Coupler

    BRP CPVC Reducer Coupler

    Starting at: ₹310.50

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2 Item(s)