BRP Drainage SN4 Pipes

BRP Drainage SN4 Pipes

uPVC Underground Drainage Piping System

Get BRP brand SN4 3M Drainage Pipes from BRPShoppe at Best Price in Hyderabad(TS).


  • Size: Pipe sizes of SN4 pipes are available in 4″(110mm) and 6″(160mm) respectively.
  • Length: The pipe length of drainage pipes is available in 10 ft(3m) only.
  • Color – commonly available here is red in color.
  • Material  Used– uPVC Type UGD Pipes(Drainage Pipes)


  • Used for underground drainage system installation
  • Smoothbore
  • Long-lasting
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uPVC SN4 3M Drainage Pipe

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BRP Brand Under ground drainage Pipes(UGD Pipes)

Product Specification

Material UPVC Type(SN4 Drainage Pipe)
Brand BRP
Color Red
Connection Type Elastomeric Sealing Ring & Solvent Joint
Application For Soil, Waste And Rainwater Drainage Lines
Size 110mm, and 160mm

Features & Benefits:

  • Used for underground installations
  • Compatible with other drainage products
  • Easy-to-install
  • Smoothbore
  • Leak-proof joints
  • Long life
  • Cost-saving

110mm*10ft*50pcs, 160mm*10ft*50pcs

size available

4" (110mm), 6"(160mm)

standard packing

Minimum std quantity pkg: 50 pieces